The Story of Dim Moore

To Whom It May Concern,

I found the name of the young man I was looking for in the list of   Confederate Soldiers from the Battle of Murfreesboro who died as prisoners of war. You have him listed as J B Moore, G 16th TN when actually it should read I B Moore. The I B stands for Indimom Benjamin, family called him Dim. He was born in 1838 to Samuel Ottison & Melissa Fisher Moore in the County of White. I have letters that I B had sent home to his parents and also one from his brother-n-law expressing his sorrow at hearing of Dim's death and the way he was treated by the Yankees. I B was apparently well thought of by his family. On the 1860 census he is listed as a medical student and in one letter to his parents he expresses his concern for the well being of some books that he had loaned before leaving home.

I am wondering if there is some sort of document with his name, that states where exactly he was taken to be buried. I have spent many hours searching through county & family records hoping he was brought back to White Co but found nothing. A cousin of his that died on the battle field at Mursfreesboro was brought back home and buried. I guess since I B was a prisoner no one knew of his death until after he was buried. He was wounded on 31 Dec 1862 and died 24 Jan 1863. I am assuming that if he was buried at Evergreen it would be in a mass grave but don't know for sure.

 I visited the archives and got a copy of his Muster Roll with an explanation of his death. That document has his name correct. A lady  applied and received a Military headstone for I B. I haven't seen it yet but I sure hope the name is correct. She gave me a copy of his Muster Roll she had printed from the Footnotes website. He is also listed as J B on that website. The plans are to place the headstone beside his brother George, who also fought in the Civil War. (I think I B would like that)  If possible could you please correct his name on your list of soldiers. The monument that Warren Co TN put up at their courthouse with the names of the 16th Reg completely left him off. I took my documentation to their County Historian and I noticed on their webpage I B has now been added.

 This was a young man that had been overlooked and forgotten until his letters were found while cleaning out my grandmothers home. She had placed the letters along with old land grants and other papers away for safe keeping and never told anyone about them. A gentleman that spent years researching the Moore family only found I B listed on the census and couldn't find anything else (he didn't know about the letters)so the family genealogy doesn't say much about I B.

If I B's name had been added or been correct on official websites that contain Civil War soldier information, instead of the Moore Family Genealogy reading:

Indimon Benjamin Moore II Born: 1838 in White Co TN, Died: Unknown. The gentleman that was researching would have found and added a place of death with date. I B wouldn't be an "unknown".


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