November 10, 2016 Camp 28 will meet at Cancun Mexican Restaurant at 7077 Highway 70-S, east of Old Hickory Boulevard, in Bellevue. This is in the same shopping centre as a Kroger grocery. The room has been reserved from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.    Our speaker will be Anya Dormady. Mrs. Dormady is a native of Russia, but now a resident of Middle Tennessee. She has studied Nathan Bedford Forrest, and will speak on his life after the war.     





In 1896, the Sons of Confederate Veterans was founded by the veterans and progeny of veterans who fought in the War Between the States. The Sons of Confederate Veterans was established as, and remains, an independent organization that supports the protection and preservation of Confederate heritage. Current members are descendants of the original defenders of Confederate heritage and are not aligned or affiliated with any other organization other than the Military Order of the Stars and Bars.

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The Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 28
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