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"RISE TO REBELLION" by Jeff Shaara This Revolutionary War novel becomes the prequel to "Gone for a Soldier" on the Mexican War and his later(earlier) books on the War for Southern Independence.

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"LIGHTNING MULE BRIGADE - ABEL STREIGHT'S 1863 RAID INTO ALABAMA" by Robert L. Willett, Guild Press, Carmel, IN, 1999, 232 pgs., maps, photos, index, notes, casualty list, bibliography. (See Recommended Reading below)

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Recommended Reading

BEARSS, Edwin C.; FORREST AT BRICE'S CROSSROADS AND IN NORTH MISSISSIPPI IN 1864, Morningside Press, Dayton OH, reprint, 1990, 382pp. The author traces the period of Forrest's activities from April through August 1864 with a special focus on the battle at Brice's Crossroads, called the "perfect battle". The research is thorough and the writing will satisfy those who enjoy digging deep into campaigns.

GENTRY, Claude, THE BATTLE OF BRICE'S CROSSROADS, Magnolia Publishers, Baldwyn, MS, 1963, 1974, 27pp. OOP. Forrest's "Perfect Battle", June 10, 1864. Sherman ordered BG Samuel Sturgis to follow Forrest " to the death, if it costs ten thousand lives and breaks the treasury." It was Sturgis, however, who suffered the overwhelming defeat.

HENRY, Robert S., AS THEY SAW FORREST, Morningside Press, Dayton OH, reprint 1994, 306pp. Some recollections and comments of contemporaries.

HENRY, Robert S., 'FIRST WITH THE MOST' FORREST, a biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Morningside Press, Dayton OH, reprint 1987, 580pp.

HUBBARD, John Milton, NOTES OF A PRIVATE (7th Tenn. Cav. Regm't, Forrest's Cavalry Corps), Nixon-Jones Prntg. Co., St. Louis, 1911, 207 pp. Hubbard served in Gen. Forrest's 7th Tenn. Cav., Co. E, and participated in most of their legendary exploits.

HURST, Jack, NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST - A BIOGRAPHY, Knopf Press, NY, 1993, 434pp. Uniquely relies on contemporary news accounts of Forrest's exploits. The "Wizard of the Saddle", a man possessed of physical valor perhaps unprecedented among his countrymen.

JORDAN & PRYOR, THE CAMPAIGNS OF LT. GEN. FORREST AND OF FORREST'S CAVALRY, Gen. Thomas Jordan and J. P. Pryor, Morningside Press, 1973, 704pp, reprint of 1868 edn., essentially the autobiography of Forrest. Forrest shared his wartime papers with Jordan & Pryor and oversaw their work.

LYTLE, Andrew Nelson, BEDFORD FORREST AND HIS CRITTER COMPANY, Minton, Balch & Co., NY, 1931, 402pp. This highly sympathetic and partisan account concentrates on Forrest's wartime career; the author makes strong claims for the military genius of his subject.

MANESS, Dr. Lonnie, AN UNTUTORED GENIUS: The Military Career of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Guild Bindery Press, Oxford, MS, 1990, 425pp. From 1861 to 1865, the brilliant military exploits of Forrest's cavalry are told.

MORTON, John W., THE ARTILLERY OF NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST'S CAVALRY, Guild Press, reprint 1992, 374pp. By Capt. John Morton, Forrest's Chief of artillery. Tells the story of Morton's Battery in action with Forrest's cavalry throughout most of the war.

SHEPPARD, Eric William, BEDFORD FORREST: THE CONFEDERACY'S GREATEST CAVALRYMAN, Dial Press, NY, 1930, 320pp, Long recognized as the foremost book by a non-Southerner.

WILLIAMS, Edward F., III, CONFEDERATE VICTORIES AT FORT PILLOW, Historic Hiking Trail Press, Memphis, TN, 1973, 1984, OOP, 48pp. A recounting of the 1862 CS Navy victory over US ironclads at Plum Run Bend near Ft. Pillow, and of the overwhelming 1864 victory of Gen. Forrest at the battle of Ft. Pillow.

WILLIAMS, Edward F., III, GUNBOATS AND CAVALRY, N. B. Forrest Trails Committee Press, Memphis, TN, 1965, OOP, 26pp. Forrest's 1864 Johnsonville Campaign concluding with the capture of part of the US gunboat fleet by Forrest's cavalry and the total destruction of the US base at Johnsonville, TN. This was the only time in U.S. history that a naval warship was captured by cavalry.

WYETH, John Allan, MD, THAT DEVIL FORREST: LIFE OF GENERAL NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST, Harper & Brothers, NY, 1899, Blue & Grey Press reprint 1959, 1996, as 'Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest', 614 pp. Douglas S. Freeman said about this book "Doctor Wyeth did his work admirably. In the age of glamour, he wrote with honest realism." Grant called him "that Devil Forrest". Sherman, it is reported, considered him "the most remarkable man our civil war produced on either side." He was one of the war's most brilliant tacticians: Nathan Bedford Forrest.

YOUNG, John Preston, THE SEVENTH TENNESSEE CAVALRY, CSA, Morningside Press, Dayton OH, reprint 1976, 227pp. A history of Forrest's famed 7th Tennessee Cavalry, Illus, w/ roster.

WILLETT, Robert L., THE LIGHTENING MULE BRIGADE - ABEL STREIGHT'S 1863 RAID INTO ALABAMA, Guild Press, Carmel, IN, 1999, 232 pgs., maps, photos, index, notes, casualty list, bibliography. The story from the Union perspective of General Abel Streight's raid to destroy the Southern depot at Rome, GA., and the dogged pursuit by the indomitable Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Northern mounted raid began in Tennessee with 1700 troopers and raced across Alabama towards the arsenal, hotly followed by 600 of Forrest's best. In a classic week-long running battle, the outnumbered Confederates utilized a legendary Forrest bluff and forced the Federals to surrender short of their goal. Includes relation of the heroic ride with Forrest of Miss Emma Sansome to save the day at Gadsden.


DUNNAVANT, Robert, Jr., THE RAILROAD WAR, Pea Ridge Press, Athens, AL, 1994, 180pp. N. B. Forrest's 1864 raid through Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee, and the capture of trains, towns, blockhouses, and forts along the railroads.


MATHES, Harvey, GENERAL FORREST, Morningside Press, Dayton OH. reprint 1995, 395pp.

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