General Forrest Engagements

July 13, 1821Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest Birthday Born at Chapel Hill, Bedford County, Tenn.
December 28, 1861Battle of Sacramento, Ky
February 13-16, 1862Siege of Fort Donelson, Tenn.
April 6,7, 1862Battle of Shiloh, Tenn.
July 13, 1862Gen. Forrest Captures Murfreesboro, Tenn.
December 18, 1862Battle of Lexington, Tenn.
December 31, 1862Battle of Parker's Crossroads, Tenn.
February 3, 1863Battle of Fort Donelson, Tenn.
March 5, 1863Battle of Thompson's Station, Tenn.
March 25, 1863Battle of Brentwood, Tenn.
April 30, 1863Battle of Sand Mountain, Ala.
September 18-20, 1863Battle of Chickamauga, Ga.
February 21, 1864Battle of West Point, Miss.
February 22, 1864Battle of Okolona, Miss.
April 12, 1864Battle of Fort Pillow, Tenn.
June 10, 1864Battle of Brice's Crossroads, Miss.
July 14, 1864Battle of Tupelo, Miss.
August 21, 1864Forrest's Raid on Memphis, Tenn.
September 25, 1864Battle of Sulphur Branch Trestle
September 27, 1864Battle of Pulaski, Tenn.
November 3, 1864Battle of Johnsonville, Tenn.
November 29, 1864Battle of Springhill, Tenn.
November 30, 1864Battle of Franklin, Tenn.
December 15,16, 1864Battle of Nashville, Tenn.
Arpil 2, 1865Battle of Selma, Ala.

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