Band Members

       Dave Eason is the talented singer and mandolin player with the band. He started playing mandolin in 1995 and has been singing all of his life. He has been with the band since 1991 and says, "it's been great fun playing music with this super bunch of guys!" His musical career began in high school as first trombone in the marching, concert and jazz bands.

Going on to college at the University of Memphis, he participated in the University chorus, R.O.T.C. glee club, R.O.T.C. band and the opera department. After college, he went into church music as worship leader and music director for several churches. He also sang gospel quartet for 5 years in two different groups. Coming to the 52nd String Band in 1991 has been a great thrill for him and he hopes to continue performing and recording with them for many more years. Dave invites everyone to come and hear him when the band is in your area, and he would love to meet you. As Dave says, "keep a song in your heart wherever you go!"
      Lee Millar was influenced at a young age in his music career by his father, Glenn Millar, who was an accomplished vocalist and for a time had his own band (though not THE Glenn Miller). Lee was drummer, guitarist and vocalist in a rock and roll band in high school, playing at various dances, parties and area night clubs, and likewise played in the school band achieving selection to the All County High School Band in Memphis.

     At Washington & Lee University, Lee was director/drum major of the college Pep Band and leader of the ROTC Marching Band. Service in the Army interrupted Lee's music hobby, and re-enacting hobby, but it was quickly resumed back in civilian life. Lee has been with the 52nd String Band since its founding, contributing his talents as guitarist and vocalist.

     Lee is also our dance master, organizing and leading the dances with his efficient, outgoing manner. He has been a dance instructor for over 10 years and also teaches the wide variety of the individual dances included in our Grand Balls.

     Lee and Becky have four children: Meg, Chelsea, Austin, and son Casey, who himself was an early member of the band for several years. Lee has participated with the band in over 400 performances in 10 states.

      Jason Wade began playing trumpet in the 5th grade. He played in every ensemble the schools in Paris, TN had to offer. After high school he took his trumpet to the University of Tennessee at Martin. In college he began to pick up on other instruments and developed an interest in Civil War history. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in music from UTM he went to work for a large music store in Memphis. After a chance meeting with 52nd band member Dave Eason, he began playing with the band. He has been performing with the band on the guitar, mandolin, banjo, trumpet and percussion since 2000.

After Dave recruited Jason for the band, he recruited him for his daughter! Jason married Elizabeth and moved back to his home of Paris, TN in August of 2002. They have a handsome and energetic young rebel named Zane that keeps them running. On weekends when he's not performing with the band, you can find the family fishing, hiking or camping on some of the same territory his confederate ancestors covered when they rode with N.B. Forrest in Russel's Cavalry.
      Bandleader, Greg Todd was born and reared in Memphis TN. He started singing gospel songs in Lamar Heights Baptist Church as a child and even sang solos standing on a wooden box to be seen over the pulpit. He also enjoyed 10 years of tap dancing that gave him a great appreciation for the songs of tin pan alley. Greg took piano lessons for a short while before taking up the guitar at 14. He formed a rock and roll band called "The Jacks" and has been performing ever since. The band recorded some songs but never became famous.

     After getting married, he teamed up with his wife Kathy to form a duo and they traveled across the country performing everywhere from wedding receptions to Las Vegas Showrooms! After becoming a Civil War re-enactor in 1989, Greg found a real need for music in the Confederate camp at night. He took up the banjo and formed the 52nd Regimental String Band along with some other interested and talented musician re-enactors. The band's popularity has taken them from Virginia to Louisiana playing for all types of historical functions. Every year brings new and return engagements for the band. They are constantly working on new recordings to be released. Greg also has produced and stars in a one man show showcasing the life and music of the most famous American composer of the 19th century, Stephen Foster. Besides singing lead and harmony vocals with the band, he currently plays banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, bass and percussion instruments.

     Greg and Kathy have two children, Michelle and Preston, along with numerous dogs and cats! Preston plays percussion in the 52nd String Band with his dad, but that's another story!

      Preston Todd has performed as the percussionist for the band since the young age of nine. When his dad Greg, formed the band in 1990, he joined in on the drum and tambourine. Preston has always had a natural talent for rhythm instruments, playing along with recordings of civil war music before the 52nd Band ever recorded one of their own! During this time, Preston obtained a "combo" type drumset and started playing rock and roll oldies with the Memphis band, The Directors. Preston then studied percussion at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, and learned how to read music there.

Preston has always enjoyed being a Civil War infantry re-enactor and can double as a regimental drummer or musket carrying foot soldier. He is currently very interested in "hard core" re-enacting and creating the most authentic impression of an infantry soldier or a musician. Preston also helps out on vocals with the band and has a natural ability to sing harmony along with the lead vocals of Greg or Dave. Preston is also the ONLY bachelor in the band!


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